• Queenslander Living Area

    Walls, ceilings, wooden floors – all need the personal touch to restore them to their original state.

  • Large Verandah – Patio Area

    Areas subject to the weather need careful attention. Lattice, wooden floors, walls and railings all need to be prepared before adding paint and varnish.

  • Newmarket Hotel Townsville

    Painting old hotels needs careful care – lots of timber, polished and painted all in colours to suit the style and era of the building.

  • Timber Balustrades and Steps

    Varnishing of steps and balustrades to highlight the timber, and careful painting is required.

  • Queenslander with Louvres

    Louvres, old doors and windows along with wooden floors are highlights of the room.

  • Downstairs Living

    New, old, or however large or small the project is, Preferred Painters can do the job for you and make your living space something of which you can be proud.

Commercial Painting:

The Newmarket Steakhouse

The Newmarket Steakhouse

We paint industrial, commercial, businesses, shops, factories and roofs.

  • No job is too big or too small.
  • We provide free written quotations.
  • We do not subcontract our work out to others.
  • We provide the quote and we do the painting.
  • Our written quotations outline the preparation involved in painting and our coating system.